Senior Software Engineer and TDD Mentor


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About us

ITClinical is located in Lisbon and works in the Health sector. Our IT, Scientific and Language Affairs areas work on improving healthcare around the globe.

Our amazing IT team develops tailor made software for clients in Europe, North America and Asia, and we are looking to expand our team.

Are you tired of being just another one in the crowd?Would you rather work in-house rather than being outsourced? Then we need to talk!

Job Description:

As a Senior Software Engineer and TDD Mentor you will be responsible for developing software in the pharmaceutical and medical fields and help us deliver great products.

As a TDD and BDD mentor, you will help maintaining these practices as the soul of our development process,

As a wizard, your code will be so easy to read no one will ever feel it "works like magic". You will create high quality code that makes us all proud!


  • Program using TDD methodologies. Be professional!
  • Guide the Acceptance team in developing Acceptance Tests. Be a mentor!
  • Plan, execute and document the deployment of new software. Be inspiring!
  • Collaborate in specifying new features. Be creative!
  • Use Design Patterns and don't settle for average code. Be awesome!

Job Profile:

  • Great programming skills!
  • TDD and BDD believer and practitioner
  • Strong focus on code Quality;
  • Experience with Java or other OO language;
  • Knowledge of Struts or other MVC. Hibernate. JSP, Jquery and CSS;
  • Good written skills in English language;


You'll have the opportunity to work in a small and friendly environment, work alongside the company's decision makers and mentor the team as it grows.

Email us with your CV and tell us why we should hire you (in English, please)!

Salário Bruto Anual 20.000€ - 37.000€

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