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With more than 300.000 indicators and 400 million page views, Trading Economics has become a reference in the world wide web for economic data and financial markets. Now, Trading Economics welcomes candidates from all over the world to help us build front-end web applications and back-end systems that will unleash the power of our data.

What we offer

- Integration in a company with worldwide recognition as an economic data source.

- Bonus based on performance.

- The opportunity to learn new technologies and financial markets core concepts.


- Knowledge of one of these frameworks: Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Python Django, ASP NET.

- Comprehensive understanding of the relationship between front and backend development.

- You should be able to communicate fluently in English.

- Willing to work very hard and able to learn many new concepts in a short period of time.


- While professional experience is not required, any references to your contribution to existing projects will weight positively in your application.

- Knowledge of macroeconomics or financial markets will help but is not required.

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