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We’re looking for an IT Ops Legend to join us in changing the way the world moves. If you love a challenge, are passionate about technology and are full of spark, energy and ambition, this could be the dream role for you. Our team of rock-solid software engineers, technologists, futurists and dreamers are changing how people think and feel about cars.

As an IT Ops Legend, you will deliver high-performance tools, connections and support to development teams, allowing them to work fast and efficiently to high quality standards. You’ll have a hawk’s eye for detail and be able to identify and solve bottlenecks in the path to production. You’ll feel at ease with the automation and management of infrastructure in the Cloud using the IaaS approach.

Whatever you’re working on, here’s the lowdown on the technical skills you’re likely to have:

  • A BS in Computer Science or similar, or an equivalent number of years of experience
  • Knowledge of network architecture and IaaS
  • Experience with automation tools such as Jenkins, Ansible, Chef and Puppet
  • Knowledge of management of containerized applications, Kubernetes or similar
  • Proficiency in Microsoft ecosystem tools such as Azure, Office 365 and Exchange Server
  • Good knowledge of AWS and Openshift
  • Good experience with NoSQL and relational databases such as Elasticsearch and PostgreSQL

Apart from great technical skills, our environment is fast-paced and 100% agile, prioritising teamwork, interaction and resilience. We’re organised into Scrum teams and projects typically consist of one or more teams sharing a common development, configuration management and continuous delivery environment.

This calls for our engineering legends to possess the following skills:

  • Great people skills that foster a supportive environment, constructive feedback and ideas sharing
  • Excellent oral communication and written skills – including the ability to speak and write in English
  • Experience with Continuous Integration and Delivery tools (e.g. Git, Jenkins, JIRA, Gerrit)
  • Experience of agile methodologies, particularly Scrum
  • A real passion for learning, doing things better and helping others – and an ability to turn ideas into realities
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