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Cloudoki is all about API-Centric Application Architecture and Development.
We build with, advise on, and train in API’s, back-end and front-end for web, mobile and native applications, helping startups, scale-ups, SME's and the big boys.

We only work with the new toys. If it's new and interesting, we're probably either playing with it, or planning to.

If you are a backend developer looking for a challenge, a start-up environment, half-day off per week to hack, and free coffee, drop us a line.

Main requirements:

  • Experience working with javascript and Node.js;
  • Good database knowledge;
  • Devops basic knowledge;
  • Be a team player;
  • Problem solver;
  • Basic backend architectures knowledge;
  • Speak, read and write in english


  • Be part of a skilled team;
  • Work on international projects;
  • Over average salary;
  • Work from home day;
  • Have a friday every two weeks to hack and play with your favourite technologies.

If you feel you suit this profile, drop us an email with your cv

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