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About Silverlight Research
Founded in 2017 by ex-investment banking professionals, Silverlight Research is a fast growing knowledge research firm headquartered on Buckingham Palace road, Westminster, London and have now opened a new Lisbon office for which we are recruiting. Our clients include many of the largest Tier 1 global investment banks, private equity funds, hedge funds, corporates and consultancies. They are leading decision makers at these firms, and turn to Silverlight where they don’t have the knowledge or information to move forward on strategic and investment decisions. We bring commercial acumen, and a whatever-it-takes approach to every project to truly understand our clients’ questions and find the precise in-industry senior Experts who can offer them valuable insights. These Experts are often current or previous, leading C-suite level Executives in multinational firms. Through the introductions we make between our clients and in-industry Experts, our clients make connections which facilitate invaluable insights and assist them to move forward with key decision making and deals.

Key Attributes and Skills of the Candidate
-A software developer with specialisation in Computer science
-At least 1 year development experience
-Comfortable in both desktop based and web based applications
-C#, C++
-Visual Studio 2010+

Roles and Responsibilities
-Help to maintain, monitor and support the team’s products.
-Have a positive, can-do approach to good practice, enabling delivery of well-engineered, high quality software.
-Own your engineering problems, propose and agree the best solution and then take responsibility for its implementation.
-Strive for continuous improvement and promoting innovation

Role Location

-Full time and Part time role available remote

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